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cornerways community development design consultancy

We have been provided with a high level of expertise, our views have been listened to and we feel that we are partners in a process rather than having a service done to us.
- Pete Hrekow, Director, Dreyfus Training and Development

Progressive companies and innovative individuals are using community solutions (i.e. message boards, chat, instant messaging, polls) to increase their online presence, connect with their consumers, turn casual browsers into repeat visitors and boost sales.

We have taken our many years of experience in community development, strategy and management and combined it with our passion for community to develop the following service areas:

Community Moderation:

Community Management Services:

Online Focus Groups

Our online focus group services are a powerful vehicle for collecting the perceptions, opinions and needs of consumers in a safe and comfortable environment. Similar to their face-to-face equivalent, online focus groups are used to gather qualitative information from individuals in a group setting. This makes them ideal for research into products, services, topics, programs and so much more.

We provide the following services for the facilitation of successful online focus groups:

Online qualitative research via chatroom-based focus groups.

Easy-to-use and stable chatroom environment

Moderation to control and choreograph focus group events.

Full staffing and management of the focus group session where desired.

Holding room for participant selection.

Main focus group room for selected participants.

HTML and multimedia (HTML, Flash, Video, Audio) capabilities for enhanced interactivity with focus group materials.

Focus group polling capabilities.

Transcript and full reporting facilities.

Participant selection assistance.

Question and script development.

Online Survey Development:

Live Event Services and Training:

Content and Editing Services:

For more information on the additional community development services we offer, please visit our Design and Consultancy sections.

Need further advice? To send a question or comment online: contact form.
To fill out a needs assessment: online form.
To contact via phone:
Arizona Office - (480) 361-2635.
United Kingdom Office - (+44) (0) 704-400-4292
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